If you're experiencing any slowness or crashing with the game, please try playing the app after each of the following steps:

- Please try restarting your device.

- You may solve this problem by clearing the app's cache. Press your device's Home button. Press your device's Menu button and select Settings (or System Settings). Tap Application Manager (or Apps). Find the app, then tap the app icon: Force Stop and tap Clear Cache.

- You can also Clear Data, go through the previous steps and then tap Clear Data. Please keep in mind, clearing the app's data will remove any custom options and settings.

- Disable background apps that you don't need running by going to Settings in your Android device. Find Application manager by scrolling down and select it. Go to All Applications tab by swiping from right to left. Now you will see all the apps running, tap on the app which you want to disable, a window will open showing two options Force stop and Disable, tap on Disable. Confirmation window will pop up, just tap OK.

- Ensure you update the firmware of your Android to prevent compatibility issues.

If performance does not improve at all on your device, contact us!