It always helps to think ahead in Chef Emma!  Pay close attention to what kinds of items your customers want and focus on those.  Think about what moves will set you up for long, required chains.  Those will not only satisfy customers, but help you create powerful special items as well!

Use special items only when you absolutely need them. Using them early when you don't have to can make things very difficult later on!

The three special items you can make include the following:

  1. Cinnamon Roll (connect 6-7 of the same item): A Cinnamon Roll will remove the eight food items directly surrounding it!
  2. Rainbow Ice Cream (connect 8-9 of the same item): Connect a food item to a Rainbow Ice Cream to remove all of those same food items from the board! 
  3. Coffee Pot (connect 10 or more of the same item): This will remove all of the food items in the same row and column as the Coffee Pot's position!

If you need a refresher, the Tutorial on Level 3 will explain all of this.

Chef Emma also offers a wide assortment of purchasable boosters to help you get through the game's toughest stages.  

Good luck!