Build-A-Bear: Bear Valley is a fun and colorful place to explore and spend time!  When playing the game for the first time, visitors are given a guided, interactive tour around town.  In case you get lost, we've provided a quick starter's guide to help you get through the first part of the game:

  1. After launching the Bear Valley app, swipe the screen to look around town and check out your new surroundings.
  2. Use the (+) button in the upper-right corner of the screen to zoom in, or use two-finger pinch to zoom in and zoom out.
  3. Collect the 10 green Bear Bill Coins spread around town. They're shiny, but some can be tricky to spot!
  4. Go inside the Build-A-Bear Workshop, enter the big door, and make your first bear! 
  5. Once you're back outside, tap your bear and then tap their portrait to see the status screen.
  6. Tap the Attributes button, and buy a new attribute! You'll earn more Heart Rubies as you play through the game.
  7. Next, go to the Beartique to buy your first top, bottom, and shoes! 
  8. You’ll get your first level up to Level 2! 
  9. Go to the Bear Academy and get a Fashion Design Degree. It's located on the right side of town by the Train Station.
  10. Tap the chalkboard, select Fashion Design, and then collect the books around town.

The rest of the game follows a similar pattern of collecting, buying, playing mini-games, upgrading, interacting with others, and learning. There are different objectives you can complete by clicking on the Clipboard on the right side of the screen. The game will also often display a glowing paw icon that tells you what to press or do next. Have fun!