1. Start Human: Fall Flat 
  2. From the Main Menu, select “Play”
  3. From the Play Game Menu, select “Multiplayer”
  4. From the Multiplayer Menu, select “Host Game”
  5. From the Game Settings Menu, you are presented with a number of options:
    • Select Level allows you to level select 
    • Lock Game Level locks the game level to the just one, so if you complete the level the level will restart rather then jump to the next level 
    • Max Players sets the number of players allowed in the game 
    • Game Privacy sets whether it is a Private or Public game – if the game is set to Private, the player must send out invites for other players to join
  6. When desired settings are made, select “Start Lobby”
  7. From here (Game Lobby), the host can choose to change the level or wait until players have joined
    • If it is a Private lobby, the host will need to select “Share Invite”. This will bring up the “Share Menu” (the device's built-in app that allow external communications)
    • The player should select whichever method they want to share the invite link, and share it with there friends
    • Currently the game lobby times out if the player is outside the menu for longer the 15 seconds, a fix is being looked at now (June 26, 2019)
  8. Once the desired player count is met, press “Start"