Assetto Corsa Competizione offers three types of Multiplayer action:

In the Public Multiplayer, you can join servers run by the community or official Kunos servers. They offer a vast amount of combinations regarding tracks, conditions and race events similar to the Assetto Corsa 1 universe.

To quickly find servers that suit your preferences and skills, you can either use the Quick Join functionality, or select one of the best matches in the highly personalized server list. To improve your experience, you can edit your preferences, so the suggestions may offer you more night or rain races; or add weight to latency or specific tracks.

While the Public Multiplayer will run casual and quick paced races, advanced users may want to use the Competition Servers. They are offer a competitive experience with very serious settings and hour-long races. The corresponding Competition Rating will track your progress and define the Splits in which you can compete on those servers. The requirements are high, so make sure you get an overview about the Ratings in the Main Menu/Driver/Ratings page.

The third section is the support of private leagues. They run their own race organization and series, which for example allows the use of Driver Swaps and adjusted rules. Additionally, we are looking into possibilities to allow leagues to run more than the 30 cars, and offer them the data output and Race Direction tools they need.