The Fall update is here! 

To celebrate the changing season, we are having a special event. Decorate your settlement with these seasonal exclusive decorations!

During the event be on the lookout for limited-time special trick or treats from your new pets, autumnal gift boxes appearing in your settlement, and let the new decorations get you in a spooky mood.

A whole host of decorations are here for the Harvest season!

  • NEW! Pet Turkey! Pardon this turkey and pet him to keep him happy!
  • NEW! Pet Owl! Patrols from the air for mice and knows a special maneuver!
  • NEW! Tombstone! Lookout Larry’s tombstone, may he rest in peace. 
  • NEW! Cauldron! What spooky brew is being cooked up?
  • NEW! Scarecrow! Keep the crows out of the pumpkin patch!
  • NEW! Pumpkin! Probably scares the crows without the scarecrow’s help! 
  • NEW! The Fall Tree is dropping leaves, won’t someone rake them up?
  • NEW! Pile of Fall Leaves, glad someone is keeping the settlement tidy! 

Plus a number of fixes and improvements have been made:

  • IMPROVED! 20 New campaign missions added! Earn extra coins and test your skills!
  • FIXED! Top Player League and Elder leaderboards up and running! (click here to find out more!)
  • FIXED! Fixed an issue where a small number of players could be attacked while online.
  • FIXED! Under attack messages are cleared as soon as the battle is finished, no more 10 minute waits!
  • FIXED! The clan leaderboards should no longer be out of order or missing top clans.
  • FIXED! A number of stability issues have been addressed. 

Download this update and get back into the battle!
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