Known Issues for Version 5.4

  1. Resolved: We have fixed the issue where players have lost camouflage after the Update to v5.4. If you have lost camouflage and it has not been restored, please raise a ticket and we will look at what we can do to restore your camouflage. 
  2. Delayed Release on Amazon: We're sorry but we've had to delay the release of v5.4 on Amazon in order to fix some issues. We don't have a date for when these will be released but we appreciate your patience while we resolve these issues.
  3. Inactive players with 0 Dog tags: Due to changes in the game systems, some inactive players have not yet have their dog tags transferred to the new system. These players will be migrated over the next few weeks. If you previously had more than 0 dog tags before this update, please raise a ticket and the support team will investigate.
  4. Dog tags earned in battles:  We've heard your feedback and we've made some changes, please read the Patch Notes