Welcome to the latest update: Version 5.4!

A new pet is making a splash in your waters. Check out Landmarks to find the Humpback Whale and let her roam!

Full Change List:

  • NEW! A humpback whale has arrived! This new pet will make waves with your troops.
  • NEW! Player Inbox! A place to receive news about updates and special offers.
  • NEW! Top Players leaderboard! See the top 100 players on this new leaderboard in the Divisions menu.
  • IMPROVED! Improved visuals on the Rocket to show a target on the unit which is the focus of the attack!
  • IMPROVED! Improved visuals on the Decoy when distracting the enemy!
  • IMPROVED! Improved visuals on the Sabotage unit while disabling enemy buildings. 
  • IMPROVED! Riflemen in Ambush traps can be seen keeping an eye out for enemy attacks!
  • IMPROVED! Changes to the entry requirements in each Division. 
  • FIXED! Submarines now show its projectile when firing on the enemy. 
  • FIXED! The transferring of alliance leadership if a network error occurs.
  • FIXED! Double reports should no longer occur.
  • FIXED! Under attack messages are cleared as soon as the battle is finished, no more 10 minute waits!
  • FIXED! Other bug fixes and improvements under the hood.

Changes to Divisions:

  • New players start with 0 dog tags.

  • Divisions now start at 100 dog tags to earn bonus supplies.

  • Players have dog tag protection until they’ve earned 200 tags.


Update on dog tags: 

We've had a lot of feedback since the update went out on Tuesday. We've listened to your feedback and we've implemented changes to the dog tags rewarded in battle for all players. The main reason we've made these changes is to increase rewards for all players and especially to help new players show off their skills by rising through the divisions. We understand that this has felt punishing to the players who have worked hard for their dog tags, so we've increased the minimum dog tags earned across the board. 


Changes to dog tags rewarded in battle:

  • Dog tags rewarded in battle are based on the difference between yours and the opponents dog tags and command bunker rank, and how many victory stars are earned.

  • You will earn at least 4 dog tags per victory star in battle. Go for that 3 star victory to earn the most dog tags!

  • Only active players will be available on the enemies list. Keep an eye on their defenses!

  • More dog tags are offered to be won in battles, compared to the previous system. You will be able to climb the divisions faster!

  • For battles at equal Command bunkers, losing battles and losing against an attacker will result in more dog tags being lost, especially if against a player with fewer dog tags. Defend your islands and pick your battles carefully! 

  • Fighting only for supplies is always risk! Know your enemy and what you’re willing to sacrifice.

  • If there are only a few players with more dog tags than you, it will be a challenge to maintain the top of the leaderboard. Are you up for the challenge to keep the enemies off your beaches? 


Why have we made these changes?

We are making preparations for the Seasonal Divisions which will level the playing field at the top end and provide a more competitive monthly challenge for players in the top division. In order to do this we needed to change both the divisions and the dog tag rewards in battle ahead of the release of seasonal divisions. With seasonal divisions we will be offering bragging rights to our top players who have earned the most dog tags over the years. While we’re working on these new features you will need to fight if you want to keep your place at the top.

If you have any questions, are experiencing any issues, or want to provide feedback, please raise a ticket from the top of this page.

Download this update and get back into the battle!
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