The first Legendary leader has arrived, Cleopatra!

Take Cleopatra into battle and direct her on the battlefield to targets of your choosing.
She also inspires all troops around her to deal 10% extra damage during battle!

Top Player Leaderboards:

Top Player Leaderboards and end of season rewards are designed to offer more competition for active players and award decorative flags for players competing in the top trophy groups. It should also make finding high value enemies easier as matchmaking will be a more even playing field.

There is more info here about Top Player leaderboards on Mobile. 

The end of Season 1 on console has been delayed in order to fix some bugs in the display of some leaderboards.

The end of Season 2 on mobile has been moved back in order to keep the seasons in-line with all platforms.

Known Issues for v3.1.2: 

We've issued 2 patches to help alleviate issues which occurred in version 3.1, below is a brief overview of the issues.

  • Still Occurring: The Clan Leaderboards are not correctly calculating the totals for top clans. This is currently being investigated and will be fixed in the next update.
  • Fixed: Our server infrastructure team has identified and fixed a bug which was causing the trophies to drop to 0 due to player data not being able to be found and instead loading in blank information. This has now been corrected so players should no longer be seeing this issue. 
  • Fixed: We have returned all player trophies who have reported the issue via the form. If your trophies were not returned and you filled in the form, please raise a ticket and make sure you have provided us with your correct Gamertag as we cannot find your game data unless you send us the exact spelling of your in-game name. 

Console Top Players end of Season 1, the date has been pushed back:

  • The Top Players end of Season 1 happened on mobile platforms and unfortunately we've identified a couple of issues which could not have been anticipated with the large number of players and the coinciding issues which occurred with this latest update. For this reason we've decided to move the end of Season 1 on console platforms to after we will be able to release an update so console players do not experience these issues.

Mobile Top Players end of Season 2, the date has been pushed back:

  • The Top Players end of Season 2 has been pushed back so that players don't experience the appearance of not receiving their Elder trophies. When the next update is available the second season will be scheduled and all elder trophies will accumulate correctly.

If you are experiencing any other issues, please raise a ticket with as much detail as possible so we can investigate and resolve it for you as quickly as possible.