Top Players and Elders are the new Leaderboards for our top battlers. The new leaderboards can be found in the Leagues Menu by tapping the trophy icon:

Top Players Leaderboard

Top Players shows the players who have earned the highest number of trophies each Season. Anyone can see who's in the top 100!


In the Top Players you can scroll the current leaderboard and view the previous Season's leaderboards by selecting the arrow next to the Season title, as well as view how long is left in the current Season.

You can also view an individual player's info from the listing, and see their previous Season, current Season, and lifetime best trophy total.

Trophies are converted to Elder Trophies above a threshold of 3000.

When a season ends, players whose trophies are ABOVE 3000 will have their trophies over 3000 converted to Elder trophies. This will be shown on the End of Season screen pictured above.

In the above example, the player ended Season 1 with 8,688 trophies, which means:

  • The player starts Season 2 with 3,000 trophies, 

  • The excess 5,688 trophies are saved as Elders trophies

  • This player is also in the top 1000 players on the Top Player Leaderboard, and received a Top Players Bronze flag.

  • When Season 2 ends, any trophies over 3000 earned will be added to their Elders trophies. For example, if this player earned 4,200 trophies, 1,200 will be added to the Elders trophies, and they will start Season 3 with 3,000. This brings their Elders trophy count up to 6,888.

Elders Leaderboard **

The Elders leaderboard shows the awarded Elders trophies, which are converted at the end of each Season. This leaderboard won't change very often, but is a great showcase of our top trophy battlers!

** We are very sorry, but the Elders leaderboard has a bug causing it to show the same leaderboard as the Top Players. As you can see from the screenshot, the true values of the elders trophies are safe! We will be fixing this in the next update. To see who is on top of this leaderboard, you can click on the Previous Season Arrow ⬅️ on the Top Players Leaderboard as this will be identical to the Elders list for Season 1 (minus 3000 trophies from each player).

Additional Rewards

If you complete a season in the top 1000 of the Top Players, you will receive a Flag for your achievement!
Rewards are based on where you place in the Top Players leaderboard.

  1. Players in the Top 10 receive a Gold Trophy flag
  2. Players in the Top 100 receive a Silver Trophy flag
  3. Players in the Top 1000 receive a Bronze Trophy flag

Players can have 1 copy of each flag, and can earn 1 flag type per Season.

Over multiple Seasons, each type of flag can be earned and placed on your settlement to show your skill in battle!

An additional note:

We are aware of issues on the mobile Alliance Leaderboards, which are not calculating total trophies correctly, alliance positions being lost, or have people above the season trophy cap. This is currently being investigated by the development team. 

If you have any questions please get in touch! You can find us on social media on Twitter @BattleAgesGame or Facebook for the latest news and updates from Battle Ages! 

If you have a concern about the new system or question relating to your game you can also raise a ticket here at the top of the page.