We've released a hotfix patch on July 10th, 2018 on all platforms to resolve some of the issues players are currently experiencing. 

What's included:

Players should receive fewer disconnections overall.

If a disconnection error is received during battle the game will either: 

  • return back to the end of that battle and award the trophies and coins from the battle 


  • return back to your Settlement, but you should still have the same troops trained from before the battle

This is dependent on where the disconnection happened during the battle upload process.

What's not included:

Trophies can still drop to 0 due to an error in loading player data which is still being investigated. An automated tool is run every 15-30 minutes to detect most players when this occurs. If you've been detected you may receive a disconnection message while playing and need to re-login to the game. 

If you've not been detected and your trophies are still dropped after a day or more be please fill in this form https://bit.ly/BattleAgesForm  If you have already filled in this form, please don't submit it again! The support team is working through the list fixing up players as quickly as possible. 

Additionally, if you have raised a ticket, please do not raise multiple tickets, as this may delay our ability to respond to everyone as quickly as possible. We are currently experiencing a very large influx of tickets so tickets may take longer than expected to answer.

Many thanks for your continued patience about the above issues.