We've seen reports of a small number of players experiencing their trophies drop down to zero. The development team is currently investigating the cause of this and are working on diagnostics to trace and resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

While we are investigating this we are also running automation to search for players affected and restoring their trophies from their game backups. This automation will be running every 15 minutes.

If you have logged in and you see 0 trophies please expect to receive a disconnection message while playing. This is the automation detecting and reapplying your trophies. Upon reconnecting, trophies should be returned.

As this issue has not yet been fixed, you may be reset again, please be patient, you should be detected again by the automation and have your trophies returned after a reconnect.

If your trophies have reset and you have not been detected within a couple of hours, please raise a ticket and make sure you provide us with you Gamertag or in-game player name.


We have now put in place measures to prevent trophies from dropping to zero, and everyone who has filled in the form above should have been manually fixed by our support team. If you have not been fixed, there may have been an issue locating your game data. Please raise a ticket and be sure to include your Gamertag exactly as it appears in the game to help us locate your game data.