Command Bunker Rank 10 is now available! 

This huge update brings 2 new defenses in the powerful Rocket and the sneaky Ambush Trap!

We are also introducing 2 new Orders in the Comms Center, the Decoy and Sabotage!

New! Command Bunker Level 10 now available!
New! The powerful sea based Rocket!

New! The sneaky Ambush Trap!

New! Sabotage and Decoy orders in the Comms Center!

New! The Mines can now be upgraded and rearmed!

New! Harbor and Shipyard rank 7 available!

New! Hangar and Airdrop rank 5 available!

New! Factory and Barracks rank 9 available!

Fixed! The Mortarman is now back in the action! He should no longer be causing some players issues.
Fixed! Players that are disconnected from battle will have their result saved and reapplied when they reconnect.

Fixed! Updated matchmaking (lower dog tags no longer available to high dog tag players) and broadened some matchmaking criteria.

Re-balanced Price, game balance and economy changes to amend units out of the price/time curve and to make room for new Rank 10 content.

Download this update and get back into the battle!

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