Hi everyone, the friends' list has been removed completely for the foreseeable future.

We know there was a lot of questions about the lost functionality of the friends' list and the weekly gems awarded for being at the top of the friends' leaderboard. Originally this was disabled on Xbox because of conflict loading the players into the game who had too many friends for the system to cope with. We've also seen this issue can affect players on PS4. Unfortunately, it has not been possible resolve the problem due to the way we communicate with the Console platforms about your friends to maintain security and not overload their and our servers.

The friends' list was originally intended as a social leaderboard, where friends would compete to be at the top. In the end when you have a lot of friends but not very many who played it became a memory hog and slowed down some of our top player's experience. 

We've added the Daily Treasures to give all players more consistent rewards each day based on your Age, and rewards increase over time. We're working on new benefits to being a part of a Clan. We're also creating more in-game systems to help complete the objectives to earn Gems. 

We might review the player friends list to be re-enabled at some point in the future with different functionality but this requires a more in-depth look to prevent the slow-down of players' games.