First of all, thanks for participating!  Be sure to check out the Laser League Discord:  We look forward to seeing you there!

Want to stream or share screenshots?  Go for it!  Unlike our Online Field Test, for this particular closed beta, we want to encourage our community to share their screenshots and streams with their friends and followers.

In general, if you have an issue to report (such as mismatched team sizes (2v3) and other miscellaneous bugs), please head over here to make sure our development team receives them!

Other known issues you may encounter that we are already aware of and working on:

Flashing green screen issue

Some users will get a flashing green screen at boot up. Nothing we can do about this right now, as it’s an incompatibility between the latest Nvidia drivers and Unreal. Players can fix it by switching to ‘Borderless’ mode in the graphics options. Press start on the main menu to open the options menu.

Party Play issues

Parties may still not be 100% stable right now.  Avoid adding four people to a party and then going looking for a 3v3 game. Party should be three people maximum. If you’re not the leader of the party, then let the leader take you into matchmaking and do NOT back out once you’re in the matchmaking queue. That will break things!


For a rematch to take place, ALL players must vote for it. You cannot rematch a game with AI, because AI is coded to vote no.

XP and Mastery

We’ve deliberately capped these off early, so players will get to level 5 and no further.

Server resets

We’re resetting all data again just before the beta officially goes live, so any progress made yesterday and earlier today (and we’ve seen a fair few people playing!) will get wiped.

Server locations

We only have servers in Europe (Amsterdam) and North America (Texas). If players are accessing from outside of those regions, they may get latency issues which affect every player in their match, not just them. We’re looking to get more server locations for the next beta test, but for now there’s nothing we can do for these players.

Bad server response

If you get a BSR message when matchmaking, wait for a couple of minutes and try again. This is very rare.

Permission error

If you see this error message: "You do not have permission to view this page. Return to the Laser League Homepage", please send in a ticket and we can get it sorted out for you!