At the update of Battle Islands v2.6.1 there were some devices on Amazon which were unable to receive this update. Upon further investigation, the latest update changed the minimum OS version to Fire OS 4.5.5. Unfortunately, we are not able to change the minimum OS version back down to below Fire OS 4.5.5 so any devices still on older versions are unfortunately no longer supported for Battle Islands.  

Our minimum supported devices are:

  • The Kindle Fire HD 3rd Generation from 2013 
  • The Kindle Fire HDX 3rd Generation from 2013
  • The Kindle Fire 5th Generation from 2015 

If you are unable to update to v5.0.2 we will be able to transfer your game to another device:

  • Steam
  • iOS
  • Android running OS v4.2.2 Jellybean
  • Amazon Kindle Fire devices running Fire OS 4.5.5 or higher

Please raise a ticket to transfer your game to another device. If you can provide the Battle ID of your current game with the battle ID of the game you wish to be copied onto, this will make the transfer smoother.